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Phycospectrum is an organization committed to research and development of algae based technology to deal with problems requiring "Green Solutions". "Our main focus is to foster the interaction between academic expertise mid on-field large —scale industrial requirements. Phycospectrum is the first organization in the world to Micro algae remediation technology to industries to handle a variety of effluents. Our operations include projects with different kinds of industries and institutions both in India and overseas

Bio Fuels from Algae

One of the most serious environmental problems today is that of global warming, caused primarily by the heavy use of fossil fuels. In Japan, large amounts of CO2 are released into the atmosphere from electric power plants and industry. The CO2 generated by these large point sources could potentially be recovered with relative ease through the use of an established technology such as chemical absorption. The enormity of the amounts of potentially recoverable CO2 would however necessitate the development of technologies for sequestering or, more favorably, utilizing this CO2. 


Photosynthetic micro algae are potential candidates for utilizing excessive amounts of CO2, since when cultivated these organisms are capable of fixing CO2 to produce energy and chemical compounds upon exposure to sunlight. The derivation of energy from algal biomass is an attractive concept in that unlike fossil fuels, algal biomass is rather uniformly distributed over much of the earth's surface, and its utilization would make no net contribution to increasing atmospheric CO2 levels.


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